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Why Grandma’s Love

Have you ever wondered about the ingredients that are listed behind every product description? How many of you take the efforts to see what goes into the product to make your beauty regimen successful? Though commercial branded products offer quick results to your skin care, would it really last long? Are we truly taking care of our skin?

Our Skin being our identity, needs nourishment and moisture for the everyday struggle.

  • Fresh from farmlands
  • Sourced from herbal plants
  • Grown in an Herbal way

everything about Grandma’s Love is simply affection showered to your skin.

Chemical free products that helps in one’s beautification is what we struggle to do and what we strongly believe in. With the ingredients sourced from hills

  • Grandma‚Äôs Love offers exquisite range of home-made
  • Herbal products for skin and face care With naturally grown ingredients
  • There are products for both Women and Men.

With wide range of herbal and home made products, Grandma’s love truly cares about your skin regimen.

It’s not just the eyes that meet. Your
skin reveals your identity

It’s not just the eyes that meet. Your
skin reveals your identity

Grandma’s Love Story

Looking at the chemicals involved in our everyday products, we at Grandma’s Love decided to set out in our path of using herbal ingredients for our skin and face care. With daily application of fillers present in our skin care products, we vowed to provide extremely harmless products that are light and helps in skin rejuvenation.
The effects of using harsh chemicals not only led to short lived benefits, but also ruined the skin after usage.

We decided to venture with our handpicked products which are very delicate on the skin. From finding the rarest of herbs to the unexpected kitchen ingredients, Grandma’s Love has chosen the safe, natural route for your healthcare and beauty. From starting small with just close friends and relatives, Grandma’s Love has come a long way. With huge positive response for our home made products, we decided to build a safe way for people to indulge in natural and chemical free skin and face care.